Sproken Christie van der Haak

Spoken – Christie van der Haak

Christie van der Haak, Eline van der Haak, Philip Peters, Anke Roder, Nicole Roepers, Arno van Roosmalen, Wilma Sütö

CMU/DEA Rijper Museum Utrecht, Ernst Bergmans, Peter Cox, Tom Haartsen, Koen Hauser, Rob Kollaard, Peter Slabbers, Studio Renate Boere, Fernando van Teylingen, Eric de Vries, Jan Zweerts

Studio Renate Boere

Jap Sam Books

31.5 x 24.5 cm

ISBN 9789490322601


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Spoken – Christie van der Haak

This extensive oeuvre book was designed by Studio Renate Boere for the Hague artist Christie van de Haak in the context of the Ouborg Prize. Sproken takes you into the colorful world of the artist. This world of experience has been translated into a contemporary fairytale book by Studio Renate Boere. As a result, you wander through palace halls, constructed from patterns never seen before. This visual fairy tale of more than 416 pages shows a world with endless possibilities in which you can get lost like Alice in Wonderland.

At the back of the book, Christie van der Haak’s oeuvre is shown per series in chronological order. More than 500 works provide a beautiful overview of the artist’s developments: from painter to installation artist.

The book has won prizes at the  European Design Awards  and the International Design Awards.