Beyond Design – Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful

Beyond Design
Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful

Concept and text
Renate Boere

BIS Publishers

Translation and editing
Ed van Hinte, Quirine Dob, Naomi Groeneveld,
Alison Murray-Uren, William Murray-Uren, Jennifer Kumer

Studio Renate Boere

Visual concept for imagery pages
Maxime van Strijland

Year of publication

ISBN 978 90 6369 594 1


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Multi-talented graphic designers

The time has come in which graphic designers are playing an important role in rendering ever more complicated information transparent and understandable for a wider audience. To stress this urgency, Renate Boere dove headfirst in the world of project management lingo, confidentiality statements, copyright, complicated contracts, the search for stakeholders, and grant applications. This journey resulted in the designer’s novel Beyond Design – Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful.

This nonfiction novel – previously published in Dutch as Ik vraag u iets meer lef te tonen – provides insights into the contemporary, often hybrid, practice of today’s multi-talented graphic designers. The story tells how Boere decides to take matters into her own hands by working on socially relevant design projects. An exciting and informative book that gives insights into the designer’s do’s and don’ts while working on projects from start to finish.

Want to know more about the story behind Beyond Design – Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful? Have a look at Studio Renate Boere’s lecture at the Dutch Design Week 2020, or check out the game that is based on the 10-step method from the book: Beyond Design the Game of Social Solutions.

Editorial reviews:

‘This book is relevant for anyone who dreams of making a difference in the world. Renate’s words will spark courage and get you ready to take your first steps.’ – Jennifer Kumer, artistic coach and student Master Design Willem de Kooning Academy

‘Just what I needed after finishing my design degree! With this story, Renate knows how to convince, motivate, and inspire young designers.’ – Caroline Langendoen, designer at studio Langendoen

‘Shines a light on the designer’s efforts, which are barely recognized by the outside world.’ – Mans van Oosterhout, designer at Evers en de Gier

‘Humorous and meaningful.’ – Lynn van den Berg, designer

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