Beyond Design – Combi Package

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Beyond Design combination package

The package contains:
• The book: Beyond Design, Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful
• The game: Beyond Design, The Game of Social Solutions

Concept & Design:
Studio Renate Boere

Bis Publishers

Year of Publishing:



How do you start a socially relevant design project and actually make it successful? The journalistic novel and an accompanying game by author Renate Boere will help you get to action. These will show the do’s and don’ts you need to know when setting up self-initiating projects. Whether you are a designer, engineer, activist or dreamer, the Beyond Design combi package  gives you the right tools to get started. 

The designer’s novel  Beyond Design  provides insights into the contemporary, often hybrid, practice of today’s multi-talented graphic designers. The story tells how Boere decides to take matters into her own hands by working on socially relevant design projects. Beyond Design is an exciting adventure and informative book about the designer’s process while working on self-initiated projects from start to finish.

Together with this journalistic novel, an accompanying game based on Boere’s principles: Beyond Design: the Game of Social Solutions is published. While writing the novel, a simple 10-step method, that anyone can use when starting a project, was created and transformed into a game. Quick, engaging, and fun, the game will challenge you to set up a project based on your own idea.